Welcome at the bulletpoint "software",
Here you can find some of my self-developed applications.

Argument Hopper

Software image goes here.
Argument Hopper is a application which allows to start console/terminal applications with specified arguments
and it is able to store profiles of those arguments.

Download: Argument Hopper

Webp image converter ( GUI )

Software image goes here.
This application provides a UI for converting JPG and PNG images to the smaller WEBP.
1. press the "Open File" button
2. select the image you want to convert in the opened window
3. choose your settings
4. Press "Convert"
Download: Webp image converter

Zpaq GUI

This application provides a user-interface for Zpaq.
Download: Zpaq GUI

Process planner / Shutdown Timer

With this application you can let the computer run other applications
at a selected date and/or time.
You can also let this programm shutdown your pc at a selected date and time!
Download: Process planner

Experience-points calculator

The User interface should be self explainatory.
But I'll describe it anyway .
The left field is to insert the current experience
and th right field ist to insert the highest number of experiece-points you can get.
Download: Experience-points calculator